Dharma Yoga Retreat & Nature Immersion
06. – 08.10.2023., Slovenija

You will be awakening with a beautiful view of the Alps, at the magical estate immersed in nature. The green hills covered in forests and tops of a high mountains stretch out as far as the eye can see. Join us at the weekend of a deep immersion into the Self through various practices of Dharma and Hatha Yoga. You will practice asana, pranayama and meditation daily, completely immersed in silence of the untouched nature. You will get the tools for the intelligent communication with the forest which will become your therapist and a guide into your consciousness. In the evening, you can seat around a bonfire, stargaze, or relax in a sauna, simply taking a deep relaxation of your body and mind. You will nourish your body with the vegan meals, prepared from fresh, biodynamically grown ingredients, thus turning your food into your medicine, supporting the purification of your body and mind.

Take a break from the everyday rush, take a time for yourself and to simply „be“. This weekend is your space to switch off, to let go what does not serve you, to reconnect to your deepest inner strength and a heart inteligence through the practice of yoga and reconnection with nature. Our daily practice will include various techniques of Hatha and Dharma Yoga: asanas, pranayamas, meditation, sound baths and yoga nidra – a carefully designed, powerful program for bringing you back to your centre and rediscover your perfect inner balance; for rejuvenating your body and settling your mind into silence.


  • DINAMIC ASANA PRACTICE OF DHARMA YOGA ~ deep, intensive practice of asanas, with various modifications, making it accessible to different levels of practitioners.
  • PRANAYAMA/ CONSCIOUS BREATHING TECHNIQUES ~ yogic practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana (vital life force).
  • MEDITATION ~ various techniques and types of meditation to calm the mind and reconnect with the deepest parts of the Self (mantra meditation, seedless meditation, etc.)
  • SOUND BATHS & YOGA NIDRA ~ a guided, deep relaxation with healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes and mantras will slow down the mind, recharge one’s physical body and heal a whole being.
  • ALCHEMY OF FOREST THERAPY ~ forest therapy method of Amos Clifford, through which we will connect intelligently with the consciousness of the forest and all beings in nature, to reconnect with the deepest parts of our own consciousness
  • Free time for chilling, maybe swimming in a natural pool, for relaxation, stargazing, hiking and walking around the estate (more than 20 acres of the land, covered by meadows, ancient forest and a beautiful orchard), for simply enjoy the silence and nature.
EARLY BIRD PRICE (for a registration till May 31st):
  • 365,00 EUR (double room)
  • 335,00 EUR (triple room)


  • 400,00 EUR (double room)
  • 370,00 EUR (triple room)
  • 465,00 EUR (single room)


  • 3 days & 2 nights at the eco-retreat centre near Velenje, Slovenia
  • Daily Dharma Yoga classes (asana practice)
  • Daily guided pranayama & meditation practice
  • Sound bath with crystal singing bowls and koshi chimes
  • Daily Yoga nidra practices
  • “Healing Forest” – guided forest therapy walk
  • Unlimited acess to the natural pool of the estate
  • One, 3 hour access to the sauna for the group
  • All necessary yoga equipment and props
  • 3 vegan meals per day
  • healthy snacks and teas during the day


  • Transfer to the estate
  • Travel insurance


Reservation is confirmed by payment of 100 (early bird)/150 (regular) EUR to the account of the organiser. The remaining balance must be paid until 1st September 2023 at the latest!

For booking and payment instructions, please contact me by e-mail.

The reservation fee is 100€ (for early bird price) and 150€ for a regular price, and it is not refundable unless the organiser cancels the program, in which case the reservation amount is fully refunded back.

In case of cancellation no later than 30 days before the retreat, the whole amount is non-refundable.

Number of participants is limited and reservation is confirmed only by payment of the reservation fee.

For further details and registration contact me at:


We will be at the eco retreat centre in the north-east of Slovenia, located 600m above sea level i. The country is blessed with a very high degree of natural diversity and the climate is a wonderful convergence of Continental, Alpine and Mediterranean. We will be surrounded by forest, hills and other small homesteads.
We will practice yoga in a beautiful yoga studio, more then 50 square meters large, with large windows and a beautiful view of the hills beyond and if weather will allow us, we will have our yoga practice also outdoor, at wooden yoga decks near the natural pool, surrounded by meadows and forest.
The acommodation is in the gorgeous twin or tripple rooms (single room also available on request); with handmade oak beds, balconies and beautiful views of the surrounding hills.
“It is a centre of healing and learning in an environment that is so beautiful, peaceful and nurturing, so in rhythm with Nature, that even the deepest of wounds can be recognised and the healing process lovingly held and supported.”